Our history


In the early 1900’s Walter Moores was forced to go out to work in his Uncle’s Weaving Mill at the age of 14 after his father passed away. By 1924 he had bought his first Weaving Mill and eventually bought a second Mill bringing the total number of Weaving Looms to 1,000. By 1959 his sons Jack and Bert were in the business as weaving became too difficult in Lancashire and the Mills closed. In 1961 a Sportswear company in the Lancashire town of Wigan was purchased, and in 1971 the third generation, Robert Moores joined the company. The company became the largest producer of Rugby Clothing in the UK with 2 factories and 175 employees. Again, by the early 2,000’s garment production had became too difficult in the UK, even with contracts for production with Nike, Adidas, and Reebok. The production was slowly moved to Lithuania, as there was a highly skilled textile workforce and the cost of production was favorable.
Haltex has now grown to 350 employees producing up to 14,000 garments a week. The extremely skilled workforce produce top quality clothing for nearly all sports, on some of the most advanced machinery available including Macpi Bonding Machinery, Laser Cutting, Bulmer Auto Cutting, Sublimation printing, and Embroidery machines. There is also a very experienced garment development department. At Haltex we hold stock of over 50 types of fabric and also work with the top Italian fabric producers for technical sports garments.
Haltex has a young team of dedicated professionals who care about the quality of our products, the welfare of our employees and the service to our customers. For most of the year we are able to deliver in 4 weeks.