Production facilities

Highly skilled, English speaking staff specialize in product development, design, garment development and sampling

Product development

The Haltex sales team - makes things happen. Extremely experienced staff with a great understanding of the products and capabilities of the company. Haltex customers are assigned one sales person to look after all their requirements.

Design and drawing

Sketch or even just idea can be transferred to 2D visualization of the garment. 3D visualization may be used for even more accuracy in terms of garment shape and design position. Poor quality design or logos can be redrawn to vector, so it never loses its quality even in huge sizes. Approved visualization is used for layout design and it is made as accurate as possible. Our experienced designers help customers with technical aspect of designs and make sure everything is correct and ready to print.

Garment development

Providing full pattern making service for our clients and are able to advice our clients about developing a new garment or choosing best technical solutions to it's finishing. We have a team highly skilled pattern developers, who are able to create patterns from clients sketch, measurement chart and to grade them to required sizing scale.


Sampling room is dedicated to providing samples for approval before production. All our team members are used to high quality and finishing standards and are able to maintain them.

Design and Development |

The capacity of the factory is 35,000 garments per month, from a highly skilled and versatile workforce of 340 people. Haltex has a design and development department responsible for working with customers to achieve the best possible solution for their requirements.

Manufacturing departments

From traditional knitting techniques to modern digital printing


Higher quality of printed images, longer life and durability of prints, thousands of colors to choose from. So with our sublimation printers, we can print your design in any color on any style of garment.


The most advanced equipment for the production of clothing using modern gluing methods. The bonding process improves end-use efficiency and ensures design flexibility.

Laser cutting

Automatic scanner laser cut machines. Laser cutting is an opportunity to perform not only large but also unit orders. Speed, possibility to cut extremely complex contours, high-quality, smooth cut.

Single jersey knitting

Knitted fabric is elastic. It is very important for freedom of movement in sports.Using different yarns, we can create your unique and most interesting fabric patterns from different colors.

Automatic cutting

Cutting through an automatic cutter is not only fast but also extremely precise. A large number of products are cut in one go, so your order is processed quickly.


Full embroidery service. Embroidery machines helps to produce very complex design according to the client's requirements within a very short period of time.

Heat pressing

Heat press machines can be used to print on all types of textiles. We can produce large quantities of shirts in mere minutes and offer bold, durable, long lasting results.


Sewing section is the main department for garments manufacturing which equipped with all the machinery required for today’s Sportswear. All parts of the product are put together and we have the final product.

A selection of our product range

Manufactured with love and passion

Sublimation Garments

Sublimated design allows to use full range of digital print colours on selected garment.


Cut and Sew

Combine different fabrics, use embroidery, heat prints and create unique garments.



Using different yarns, create your unique patterns from different colors.